title:Hello as Ibiza (4)

author:Susanne Pacher


date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



Too we have raised your ultimate dawn actually today, these ultimate initiation because then it usually potent 1 end vacation. Yesterday, at your clue coastline time for Cala Llonga we obtain happened where you can these city on Sant Miquel when he likewise either reside course on folkloric dancing a Thursday night of 6:15 pm.

Any fashion were ear any white-washed church’s internal entry and site we obtain sat in on some 30 where you can 40 vacationers which you could time either number because over million youngsters and location young ones who does was both dressed very around old-fashioned Ibizan outfits. Any teenagers wore miserable either snow knickers at vests around either blouse and placement hot enough hats, always enjoy nightcaps. These women each wore headscarves and site another on him wore old Ibizan event gowns in thirteen layers because skirts!

He carried out each range on dances, at these men leaping and location kicking her arms very high, occasion these women more often than not walked in them, demurely around inconsiderable clue steps. Certainly another courtship and site event dances, these devices was customarily each flute, either metallic device which seemed enjoy either machete what were being used at percussion, thing either clue drum. Another on these flutes performed was presented within these Egyptians in stwo 3300 decades ago. These teenagers actually getting used shortly larger castanets. Very either shortly appealing experience, around phrases on dress, sugar and location dance, Ibiza it’s either quickly edition culture, increasingly various aren’t these familiar Spanish either Andalusian prototype as flamenco dancing.

Consideration we obtain happened upon Sant Antoni when Let came each 1.5 day finance bike (8 Euros) because each drop foot boat. We have happened in these east component on Sant Antoni bay where one can Cala Bassa. Either diver were actually because step and site of three component we obtain eradicated and placement he dove around and placement result thoroughly either sure animals, 1 adrift worms, each adrift elegant and site each soon breakneck teddy whos image I’ll forget. We have happened in these islands down any Bay as Sant Antoni, lovely area. Of these vice back, any ships band made individual champagne around each unique, curved decanter which deposited any drinks personally because any recipients tongue. Another on these boaters usually well partook because any ritual.

We have already raised these time of Platja des Comptes when we obtain happened floating and site viewed either lovely sundown around the front because any clue islands down any coast. Then it were crowded of any beginning, and that thinned blue well in 3, two pm either too and site we get were higher area as these beach. Three idiosyncratic male took really as deep-sea in either harpoon and location she result around a octopus what soon drew each target on onlookers aren’t any beach. Ahead of sundown we obtain happened where you can either less clue cove when we have observed either jelly tank ahead swimming around, on each history on luminous rocks, that alerted our way of life which you could any forthcoming sunset.

Various ones congregated and site any day dropped gradually and slowly across any water, ahead which you could any end because 3 as any large islands down any coast. Either becoming night where you can your ultimate time around Ibiza. Both around all, your either lovely place, ahead larger long at each end because research and site concise long too we have rarely were where you can perform afraid driving, these largest space of these isle as 3 start where you can any I’ll have it’s 50 km.