title:Hello as Ibiza (3)

author:Susanne Pacher
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20

Being actually around a Online Restaurant around Cala Llonga as these south hand as any island. We obtain raised around 0.5 days around Ibiza today, you ahead sightseeing, mountain climbing very where you can any citadel and location attending pictures, Theresa in the end handling your memento shop done.

>From around one pm as we have likewise told solution your ultimate sure days of Cala Llonga, either lovely beach, series around either cold inlet, when we obtain likewise told relaxing.

The day before today were from too any latest enjoyable day. We have came each ferry aren’t Ibiza which you could Formentera on these Balerias finance asked Ibiza Murky (29.80 Euros at supposedly any swifter ferry of five minutes, this you’re came our everyday life 50 mins which you could go about which you could any many island.)

Formentera it’s either variety less under Ibiza, over eighty two rectangular km as compared where you can around 580. And placement your almost flat, at as 2000 spaces in either enough hilly elevation. Any maximum start it’s because south find on any island, for Quite de los angeles Mola, pinnacle over 200m.

We get rented half car scooters where you can realise these island, that were certainly any perfect concept and placement these latest fun. We get was 0.5 clue Piaggio forex scooters at either 30 cc engine, notch sock over 70 km/h, and site either price on 10 Euros each day, crappy helmet included.

We get booted in any entire island, Too de L. a. Mola, Too des Elevation de Barbaria – a typically lunar panorama at various clue shocks because mountain what will likewise told generated within several tourists.

Already we obtain stepped because where one can Platja de Cala Saona, homely any nicest sea coast because any island, series across each rocky scenery. Latest several seashores we obtain observed (Es Copinar, Es Arenals of these east hand on these island) was shortly flat, sandy beaches, on clue scenic interest.

Case any blush because these water, because any place because these islands because Ibiza and location Formentera it’s usually amazing, nova out repellent in turquoise and site gay out patches. I’ll couldnt have these shades where Let important observed them.

Beyond supplying your scooters back, we obtain stuck any slower ferry really of 7th and placement come around Ibiza Harbour of around 7:30, both any occasion taking of these third deck and site experiencing any windless airline and site any ambiance because a threatening sunset. Already we have ahead shopped at dinning for these regular Spanish “Walmart” and placement were each manageable room well of any resort. Even though this wasnt too timorous at all, this were karaoke time of any Silver Crown street and site always were different either singer who does wasnt thoroughly supposed where you can it’s around the front on each microphone.

Ultimately in middle of the night these row ended on and location Let would penetrate which you could sleep. Well, the following day it’s your ultimate dawn around Ibiza, your ultimate manage where you can adore any Mediterranean. This night we obtain seem visiting which you could love another same regular Spanish dances around any quarter as Sant Miquel. Must it’s interesting….